Susan Ibitz talks with Mike Sedam about "human hacking."

Tips about communication, both verbal and in writing are discussed.

Susan's company is the Human Behavior Lab where they unlock the science behind human behavior. She is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and lectures at Loyola University Chicago.

She bases her information on how people want to receive, and now how we want to give the information. That nuance is a powerful mindset shift.

Susan starts with discussing the importance of knowing ourselves first.

This leads to how we can use body language, facial expression, tone of voice, and other communication to be more effective in speaking with others.

Susan also discusses words to use in emails so that we can be more effective using written words.

You can connect with Susan on LinkedIn:

Or by visiting

To connect with Mike, visit


Mike King, a safety professional in the construction industry discusses safety with Mike Sedam.

Not only are safety topics discussed, but the two Mikes discuss a deeper level of the importance of people and how focusing on people can have a high return on investment for any organization.

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