In this episode, we talk about the power of in-group/out-group relationships.  By looking at extreme group behavior, such as those that occur during riots, we can see that group behavior is not mindless.  People behave because of the expectations of the group.  Even in cases where we think the behavior is irrational, people still must have a shared identity before behavior takes place. The behavior we think is irrational isn't cause because people lose their sense of self, or aren't thinking rationally. It's because of identity, not mindlessness. Finally, if we can figure out a way to bring our group a little closer to a group another group, we have a better chance of impacting behavior.  If you would like more information on my presentations or any of the podcasts, please visit and reach out to me.  I'd love to hear form you!

This week we honor the 17 people who were killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. I will not mention the shooter's name. This is in honor of:

Alyssa Alhadeff

Martin Duque

Nicholas Dworet

Jamie Guttenburg

Chris Hixon

Luke Hoyer

Cara Loughran

Gina Montalto

Joaquin Oliver

Alaina Petty

Meadow Pollack

Helena Ramsey

Alex Schachter

Carmen Schentrup

Peter Wang

And the two heroes this podcast will focus on:

Aaron Feis, a 37 year old security guard and assistant football coach who literally put himself between kids and the shooter.

Scott Beigel, a 35 year old teacher who was shot when he was helping students into his room.

The decisions made by Mr. Feis and Mr. Beigel were not rational.  They were emotional.  These two heroes played the role of protector. They acted on behalf of the students, the community, and the school.  They acted for a purpose higher than themselves.  They were selfless and they sacrificed for others.  They exemplified what makes humans special.

People react to situations based on fit.  How well do they fit given a set of circumstances? How well do others fit? Are you only grabbing round pegs because you only see round holes?  Is your lens limiting your decision-making?  In this episode, we get to listen to a couple of fun audio clips from the movie, "The Other Guys," starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. They show us what happens when gaps between people are too large, and they also show us how trust and belonging can help people get through anything while backstabbing and gossip results in groups who can't stand up to the lightest breeze.

Workplace bullying is an awful, immature, and unsophisticated way to run organizations or groups.  In this episode, we are introduced to a case where decisions were made by a person that resulted in his own death and the deaths of others.  It shows the power of social motivators and the absolute destruction that can be caused by social punishments. Treat each other with respect, have open communications, learn from mistakes, and think about the need all people have for esteem.  This is episode is based on a presentation I give to organizations.  If you would like more information, please visit and contact me.  I am also happy to provide more information outside of presentations, so please connect with me via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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