Mike Sedam talks with Dr. Joelle Speed and Chief Dreaming Officer Amy Perkins.

They talk about business, life, and people.

Their story includes creating a network and collaborating because everyone can succeed.

They also talk about how people can live the dreams they have for their lives.

Their focus is on people and how strong we are together.

For more about Dr. Joelle Speedhttps://www.smilegallerykidsdds.com/

For more about Amy Perkins:https://www.keystocourage.com/

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In this episode, Mike Sedam talks with Sean Romero about how to deal with uncertainty using the OODA loop.

Learn about the importance of Observing, Orienting, Deciding, and Acting to get through uncertainty.

Contact Sean Romero:

Instagram: @faithfully_led

Facebook: faithfullyled.sean

Podcast: Faithfully Led Podcast on Anchor

email: Sean@faithfullyled.com



Mike Sedam talks with Jeannette Peacock of Learn2LearnNow.

Jeanette talks about building the capacity to succeed through skills. Specifically, she helps children learn the skills they need to succeed in the future. Skillbuilding not only helps build capacity, but also shows us the importance of feedback to the process.

Jeanette is using the same processes from her business in a non-profit to help children that would not normally have access to such training.

In this episode you'll hear about capacity-building, how seeing ourselves in a new role can help us transform, and the importance of feedback loops.

Visit Jeanette's business at: www.learn2learnnow.com.

Visit the foundation at: www.steppingupforchildreninneed.org.

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Mike Sedam interviews Ayn Cates Sullivans about how archetypes and stories help us understand the world around us.

This is an interesting discussion that helps us understand ourselves, our use of prototypes, and how stories have impacted behavior and decision-making for thousands of years.

This helps us understand systems-thinking and our own individual place in the world, in society, and in our organizations.

More about Ayn can be found at: http://ayncatessullivan.com/

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Mike Sedam talks with Dr. Glenn Livingston about self-transformation.

Glenn has based his work on dealing with his own food addiction and helping others. He provides lessons on self-transformation to overcome addiction to food. He explains the role of different parts of the brain in our decision-making. These lessons not only pertain to our health, but can also be used in other areas where we want to make significant changes in our lives.

The role of groups and how we can crowdsource learning is also discussed as an important way to speed up our transformation.

A digital copy of Glenn's book and additional information can be found at www.neverbingeagain.com.

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Change your filter, look at your world, and transform. Mike Sedam interviews Ani Anderson. Ani is a thought leader, speaker, and coach on the leading edge in personal development. She is also the author of Find Your Soul's Agenda: The One Word That Will Make Your Whole Life a Success. More about Ani and her book can be found at www.findyoursoulsagenda.com.

Ani talks to us about developing ourselves and fulfilling our highest potential. She discusses the benefits of the healing paradigm and personal development paradigm. In other words, she helps people look ahead so they make fulfilling decisions, and also helps them find their own inner resistance. We also talk about what to do when "negatives" show up. The perspective people use in their lives is important. It is a focus on a realistic approach to life.

You can also find her book on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2HbTDGK

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Mike Sedam talks with Todd Vande Hei about transformation, leadership, millennials, and stories.

Todd is a successful CEO and entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry. As the CEO of Stark, www.starklife.us, he leads a successful team of coaches and medical professionals that provide best-in-class health and fitness services to clients. 

We discuss how the stories we tell ourselves can impact our success.

Todd also gives us tips on leading millennials and providing an environment where his team can not only succeed, but can also thrive with purpose.

The importance of having a team of professionals that have the capacity to collaborate is also discussed.

This episode is valuable for leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is trying to transform their life.

For more about Stark, visit www.starklife.us

Todd Vande Hei can be contacted through Stark, or on social media.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vandehei/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/testodderone/

Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=1631073262  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/toddvandehei 

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Mike Sedam talks about work that gives people purpose. The journey toward excellence also has defeats and mistakes. Those defeats are opportunities. They are learning opportunities and can lead to a greater purpose and contribute to our goal of seeking excellence. This is a valuable chat about the need people have for struggle and purpose. 

Erik Clark talks with Mike Sedam about his self-transformational journey from an engineer working on submarines, to a business consultant, to an entrepreneur.

This discussion is packed with valuable about self-transformation and how we can get out of our comfort zones and become something different while learning something new.

Erik also talks about the lessons he has learned during his journey which has resulted in the importance of engaging people in conversations, looking at people as part of the solution, and building trust and relationships.

Erik can be reached at: erik.clark@fitzbusiness.com

Erik and his wife have also created a live event for people to build relationships and learn new things. More information about the event can be found at: www.entrepreneurcitylive.com 

Mike Sedam talks with Joan MacArthur Blair and Jeanie Cockell about their book, Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: A Leadership Journey through Hope, Despair, and Forgiveness. Available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2IflW8O

Many times, resilience is looked at as an individual trait and sometimes people think you are either a resilient person or you are not.

Joan and Jeanie have taken the power of Appreciative Inquiry and wrapped it around resilience. This allows them to explain how people and groups can become more resilient.

Looking at Hope, Despair, and Forgiveness we can understand how

Mike Sedam talks to Lynda Sunshine West about her journey from the corporate world, through 49 jobs, and to her calling.

She talks about how learning something new can be a major driver of behavior. She discovered that she had value to offer others through the help of a coach.

She previously believed negative things about herself and it held her back.

Lynda has taken these lessons to transform her career and her life to "follow her dream and passion to help other people."

She taught herself to recognize and breakthrough hear fears.

During her journey, she has learned to use a network of mentors to help herself grow and then to use those relationships to help others grow.

For more about Lynda, visit www.livingliveinc.com or read her book: The Year of Fears available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2P2SG61


Mike Sedam interviews Joshua Spodek about leadership.

Joshua is the author of Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow. It is available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2WPc4WQ. Joshua has a new book called Initiative that will be released in May.

Joshua discusses relationships and leadership. He does a great job of explaining the need for practice to build leadership capacity and that leadership skill cannot come just from books, but also requires skill-building that comes with practice. Joshua's book and courses provide exercise leaders can use to improve their capacity to lead. 

Find out more about Joshua at www.joshuaspodek.com

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In this episode, Mike Sedam talks with Glenn Garnes about one of the biggest issues people face today: isolation.

Even though we may have the technology to connect, people can still feel isolated. Communication is the key to countering isolation.

Glenn also talks about how people can live their best life by becoming self-aware and taking action to reach their goals.

Glenn has provided a free resource for Crucial Talks listeners at: www.tipsforsuccess.com

Visit Glenn at: http://expertsonstage.com/ or http://sbceo.com/

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Chris Milburn talks with Mike Sedam about storytelling.

Counter-terrorism and culture is discussed through the lens of storytelling to show the value and power of stories to human behavior and decision-making.

There are many lessons in this episode for leaders, business owners, and others. Chris discusses his studies in counter-terrorism from the Naval Postgraduate School and how his analysis of terrorist groups proved how storytelling has been used.

The hero's journey is also discussed as a way for people to perceive difficult times they may encounter.

Follow Chris on Twitter at: @chrismilburnnps

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Sam Anthony Lucania talks to Mike Sedam about his journey from addiction and the importance of self-awareness, taking responsibility, and mentorship to self-transformation.

Sam is open about his past addictions, time in jail, and his new goal and drive in life to help others in need.

Sam also discusses his book Hands Like You're Praying, available on Amazon:https://amzn.to/2F6O8qz

More about sam can be found at: www.samanthonyspeaks.com

Please feel free to contact Mike Sedam at: www.crucialtalks.com.


Mike Sedam talks with Deb Falzoi of Dignity Together about workplace bullying and workplace abuse.

This is an epidemic in organizations that can have a major impact on workplace experience. As a result, people can feel marginalized and isolated. Organizations can see a lack of productivity, an increase in health-related issues, and can even open themselves up to liability.

People are the most precious resource a company has, and understanding the issue of workplace bullying is the first step in improving the workplace and protecting employees.

Visit Deb at www.dignitytogether.org.

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This is a rebroadcast of Jay Allen interviewing Mike Sedam on the Safety FM Podcast. Visit www.safetyfm.com/podcast

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Regular episodes of the Crucial Talks podcast will still be released every Sunday. I didn't want to interrupt that schedule and the great guests we have coming up that is why this episode is being released mid week.

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Dolores Hirschmann talks to Mike Sedam about the importance of clarity, people, and ideas.

In this episode, we talk about the boundaries set within our own minds. This makes us stay within our safety zone which doesn't help people meet external success. Getting beyond those "fences" helps us excel.

Big ideas can overwhelm us or seem too big to tackle, but when people commit to the idea, they can overcome internal boundaries. Nothing starts big, it starts with someone saying yes and consistently taking action.

Connect with Dolores and her company, Masters in Clarity, at: http://mastersinclarity.com/


Lawrence Henderson, the author of Bridging the Gap: Life, LOVE, and Leadership is interviewed by Mike Sedam about leadership and the value of people and relationships.

The book can be found on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2XlBA7a

Mike and Lawrence discuss what connects people, the importance of "human" in human resources, and storytelling.

They also talk about how to reframe what we see in order to establish a mindset that can help us succeed.

During the episode, the concept of fear, how people are "pack animals" and the transition that happens when we think about others are all covered.

Lawrence can be reached at: info@bossconsultingllc.net

His website is: www.bossconsultingllc.net

Please visit www.crucialtalks.com



Mike Sedam interviews Regina McMichael, The Saftey Training Ninja.

During the episode, Regina discusses how to create safety training that doesn't suck.

She talks about the need to have outstanding training so that we can have a positive impact.

She wrote the book, The Safety Training Ninja, to help safety professionals provide a more engaging level of training. Her book is available from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2V62UV0

Regina talks about how her journey started with a tragedy and how she learned she can have a broader impact by helping others as she provides training. She's touched the lives of tens of thousands of people through her work.

Regina and Mike also talk about the danger when organizations "weaponize" safety training, the importance of understanding if training is or is not necessary following a mishap, and the need to make safety training awesome.

Regina can be reached through the following sites:




ASSP Link 20% off for members: https://store.assp.org/PersonifyEbusiness/Store/Product-Details/productId/184139336

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In this episode, Mike Sedam talks to Carrie Wooten about improving the workplace experience.

We've all been there. We've worked in organizations with low trust. We've worked for bosses that only understand transactional leadership that looks a lot like bullying. We've been in groups where co-workers don't trust each other, don't communicate, and don't care.

In this episode, Carrie talks to us about the need for trust and communication so that we can have a better workplace experience. One that is vibrant, creative, and trusting.

We cover topics such as the need for self-awareness, how to leverage differences, communication between generations, perspective, the importance of the lenses we use to view our worlds, intrinsic motivation, strength in teams, self-fulfillment, and emotions to mention just a few of the important concepts.

Carrie has also written a book on self-awareness called: It Starts With Me: A Daily Practice to Mastering Self-Reflection. It is available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2IduZZ0

You can find Carrie on most social media platforms, just search for @realcarriewooten.

Feel free to contact Mike Sedam for any speaking opportunities, consulting, coaching, or just to say hello at www.crucialtalks.com


Mike Sedam talks to Rob Howze about his great program called Campfit where he brings 50 kids together for eight weeks. Rob and his team provide these kids with a wonderful gift: the vision and capacity for success.

Rob has been shot (yes, with a bullet) and has worked as a personal trainer, minister, speaker, author, etc. He has done what a lot of us do as people. We take everything we have learned, extract the good parts, and learn from them.

Rob has taken his experience and continues to build a legacy that he can pass onto these kids to make the world a better place.

This conversation, not only gives us insight into the Campfit program, but the importance of the "why" and the "how" using relationships, vision, and a focus on bringing value. There are powerful lessons behind the "why" of Campfit and the "how" of networking.

Find out more about Rob at: www.robhowzespeaks.com and more about Campfit at www.campfit.tv.

Please visit Mike Sedam at www.crucialtalks.com.




Mike Sedam interviews Melinda Kelly about her journey with self-reflection, self-awareness and honesty.

Melinda took a deep dive to find the right coach.

She learned from her experience and put what she learned into her book: Finding Your Coach, Diving Deep Within. On Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FShcVp.

Her experience shows us the importance of trust and honesty with yourself and with others.

For more about Melinda J. Kelly, please visit: www.melindajkelly.com

Please visit www.crucialtalks.com.

This Crucial Chat by Mike Sedam discusses what motivates people to keep going in the face of adversity.

During the federal government shutdown, Mike was able to see some federal employees that continue to work without pay.

What did he see? The employees were working toward a common goal. They stuck together in their teams. They were still looking out for the mission and the people they serve.

What drives these people are the same things that drive us all:

1. People are driven by a goal bigger than themselves.

2. People are driven by having relationships. We can do more together than we can alone and we can deal with bad situations better when we feel we are part of a strong, trusting group.

3. People are driven by the esteem they get from the roles they play.

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Mike Sedam welcomes Brian Cunningham back to the Crucial Talks Podcast.

In this episode, Brian and Mike talk more theoretically about leadership and how the "Hero's Journey" can help bring people to a new level of performance.

The discussion talks about transformation, employee engagement, and emotional decision-making.

The discussion includes references to Gary Varynerchuk's discussion about people that may want to try something new because they are unhappy in the workplace and the importance of self-awarness.

It also mentions Jill Christensen and her work in employee engagement.

Please visit www.crucialtalks.com for more information or to have Mike speak at your organization.

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