Networking works because of goals and shared social categories. Goals that transcend groups and transcend conflict give people a way to work together. Shared social categories allow us to break down the walls that can separate people. One group that has used this to great effectiveness is Energy Safety Canda. Made up of six different associations and numerous members from different companies, they all can work together toward the goal of everyone going home safe. In this episode, examples from the movie Armageddon and We Were Soldiers let us see how goals and shared social categories can help us create cooperative environments.

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Trauma is caused when a person perceives an event as life-threatening or life-altering. It can be something as bad as the Deepwater Horizon explosion where people are killed and seriously injured. Trauma can also be something that causes no physical harm. It is a psychological process. Because it is psychological, we may be able to impact trauma through a psychological process. In this episode, we discuss communication tools that could help people.

Communicate the role of preparedness

Communicate to promote togetherness

Communicate to emphasize the positive

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Many of us and many of our organizations are focused on problem-solving. We are trying to find the issues and fix them. This is normal, especially when we can more easily find the negatives. Although it is normal, occurs often, and is arguably a necessity in our organizations, problem-solving can lead to some significant issues. These problems with problem-solving include fragmentation, narrow views that prevent consideration of the entire system, and negative, self-fulfilling prophecies. These things can happen if we focus too much on problems.

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Esteem is one of the prime motivators of why people join groups and how the membership to these groups impacts decision-making and behavior. The Sons of Anarchy lets us see how perception can impact the view people have of the groups they belong to and the groups they see others belonging to. This impacts esteem and drives what people will do.

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Groupthink happens in cohesive groups where the people involved seek consensus above all else. It is the negative outcome of good things. Good things like team cohesion and members liking each other can lead to groupthink. It's like bacon, too much of a good thing could be a bad thing.  You also don't want a group made up of different individuals each using separate identities to make decisions and guide behavior. A shared identity is important to group behavior. What we want to do is balance between the two. We want to stay in the middle. There are tools we can use to reduce the chance of groupthink.  These tools do two things: 1. Protects the group identity while 2. allows for positive conflict. To contact me about the podcast, speaking to your organization, or if you have any questions, please visit

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