Mike Sedam interviews Isaac Tolpin about the work he is doing on employee education through the concept of microlearning (www.conveyour.com)

Isaac has even provided a free gift to all Crucial Talks listeners. https://new.conveyour.com/c/srlq5xng5c/free-high-performance-culture-system

One of the important concepts of the Crucial Talks Podcast is that we learn from each other.

Isaac talks to us from his lens as a futurist who not only understands technology, but applies human behavior to technology.

Isaac's goal is to make training valuable by understanding how people consume it, how to use it to break down silos, and aligning it with the core values of the organization.

Learner trust is an important concept because when people do something, they need to trust that it is going to be worth their time. This is because time is a person's most precious commodity. If we ask too much, if the training gets to burdensome, or if the training is not in alignment with culture, then we lose learner trust.

We can do this by:

  • Getting to the point.
  • Recognizing that people completed the training.
  • Show that it is part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Make it mobile friendly.

Isaac also talks to us a little about another venture for him and his wife that focuses on the belief that if we fix parenting, we fix a lot of problems in the world.

More about this is available at: www.courageousmom.com.

Finally, more about Isaac can be found at: www.isaactolpin.com.

Please visit www.crucialtalks.com for more about Mike, to have him speak at your organization, or if you have any questions.

Mike Sedam interviews Amberly Lago about her journey of triumph over tragedy.

Amberly has written a book called True Grit and Grace: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph. Her book is available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2S5FWfy

In this interview, Amberly talks about how changing her perception allowed her to overcome tragedy after a terrible motorcycle accident and how her perception allows her to deal with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Amberly also talks about the power of social networks and how her "tribe" helped her through tragedy. 

This is a powerful interview that can help anyone dealing with physical, emotional, or psychological pain.

For more information and to contact Amberly, visit www.amberlylago.com.

To contact Mike Sedam or have him speak at your organization, please visit www.crucialtalks.com.


In episode 53, Mike Sedam interviews Kevin Murphy about his book The Three Rooms. Available from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2QB6pVy.

For more about Kevin or his book you can visit: www.thethreerooms.com

The conversation about this book lets us look at the power of perception. We also get tools to use to help us be more mindful of where we are. Are we in the past, the present, or the future. These are the three rooms Kevin explains we can be in at any one time.

Kevin's premise is that our experience of life is not what we do or what we have, it’s what we think.

Whichever room your thoughts are in, determines your experience of life at that moment.

The key is to monitor your thoughts.

One question we can ask is "Where am I?"

This is a reminder to be aware of your thoughts.

We could be worried about the future or stuck in the past.

We constantly get triggered by things that disrupt our positive thoughts so we need triggers to bring us back.

In this episode of the Crucial Talks Podcast, Kevin gives us tools that helps to keep us in the present room.

To contact Mike or to have him speak at your organization, please visit www.crucialtalks.com


Cheryl Rice is interviewed by Mike Sedam about the You Matter Marathon. No running is required (thank goodness) in this marathon.

Visit: http://youmattermarathon.com/ for more information and for your 30 free cards to hand out. The cards are the size of a business card and simply say "You Matter."

Cheryl's motivation is to provide people with opportunities to connect. Something all of us as social storytellers need and crave.

In this fast-paced world, we are social animals that require the same social connections we always have. This movement is something that can help us connect.

Listen to Cheryl as we learn about the You Matter Marathon and also lessons that help us understand what drives people... social connections.

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