Mike Sedam interviews Melinda Kelly about her journey with self-reflection, self-awareness and honesty.

Melinda took a deep dive to find the right coach.

She learned from her experience and put what she learned into her book: Finding Your Coach, Diving Deep Within. On Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FShcVp.

Her experience shows us the importance of trust and honesty with yourself and with others.

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This Crucial Chat by Mike Sedam discusses what motivates people to keep going in the face of adversity.

During the federal government shutdown, Mike was able to see some federal employees that continue to work without pay.

What did he see? The employees were working toward a common goal. They stuck together in their teams. They were still looking out for the mission and the people they serve.

What drives these people are the same things that drive us all:

1. People are driven by a goal bigger than themselves.

2. People are driven by having relationships. We can do more together than we can alone and we can deal with bad situations better when we feel we are part of a strong, trusting group.

3. People are driven by the esteem they get from the roles they play.

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Mike Sedam welcomes Brian Cunningham back to the Crucial Talks Podcast.

In this episode, Brian and Mike talk more theoretically about leadership and how the "Hero's Journey" can help bring people to a new level of performance.

The discussion talks about transformation, employee engagement, and emotional decision-making.

The discussion includes references to Gary Varynerchuk's discussion about people that may want to try something new because they are unhappy in the workplace and the importance of self-awarness.

It also mentions Jill Christensen and her work in employee engagement.

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Mike Sedam brings another short crucial chat with lessons about the importance of roles in our decision-making and behavior.

This week as my son's second indoor soccer game. He's eight and hasn't really played before.

During the game, he had to play goalie. The first time ever. He had only seen goalies play on television and on video games.

As social storytellers we all use prototypes to figure out the behaviors of the roles we play. He did the same thing. He tried his hardest to exhibit the behaviors of the "goalie" prototype he had built in his head. As a result, he did fairly well for never having played the position before.

Later in the game he also took a ball right to the face. It was traveling fast enough that it took him off his feet. He popped right back up and wanted to keep playing. Normally, a hit like that would have stunned him and put tears in his eyes. This time was different because his role as "soccer player" was so important to him that he stayed in that role. He was also amongst his team, and we all know that being with others makes us stronger.

Finally, I learned that sometimes we take a soccer ball to the face. The important thing is we get back up and keep playing our game.

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Mike Sedam and Dan Oblinger talk about Dan's book, Life or Death Listening: A Hostage Negotiator's How-to Guide to Mastering the Essential Communication Skill. Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RGFSGb

Dan is a hostage negotiator, speaker, and trainer that focuses on the essential need to actively listen to others.

In this episode, the role of "listener" is discussed as something we need to do in anything we do and in any other role we play.

Listening adds value to everything we do.

Master listeners excel at eight different listening skills.

People should listen more and learn more from listening.

Email Dan at: dan.oblinger@gmail.com

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Mike Sedam talks with Douglas Vermeeren about his book, Personal Power Mastery. Available from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2VvlLd0.

Doug has interviewed over 400 of the top achievers of today to write his book.

He has focused on people as having power over their choices.

People are not always prepared to take the outcome of their lives personal.

People need to "own it" and that lets them affect changes in their lives.

Choice is our biggest fundamental power. Power is the ability to act or take action.

Perception allows people to see possibilities and opportunities. How we see things impacts the decisions we make.

Emotions are tied to expectations.

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January 1, 2019

Crucial Talks Best of 2018

Clips from 2018 episodes of the Crucial Talks Podcast.

Have a great 2019.

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