In this episode, Mike Sedam talks with Glenn Garnes about one of the biggest issues people face today: isolation.

Even though we may have the technology to connect, people can still feel isolated. Communication is the key to countering isolation.

Glenn also talks about how people can live their best life by becoming self-aware and taking action to reach their goals.

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Chris Milburn talks with Mike Sedam about storytelling.

Counter-terrorism and culture is discussed through the lens of storytelling to show the value and power of stories to human behavior and decision-making.

There are many lessons in this episode for leaders, business owners, and others. Chris discusses his studies in counter-terrorism from the Naval Postgraduate School and how his analysis of terrorist groups proved how storytelling has been used.

The hero's journey is also discussed as a way for people to perceive difficult times they may encounter.

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Sam Anthony Lucania talks to Mike Sedam about his journey from addiction and the importance of self-awareness, taking responsibility, and mentorship to self-transformation.

Sam is open about his past addictions, time in jail, and his new goal and drive in life to help others in need.

Sam also discusses his book Hands Like You're Praying, available on Amazon:

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Mike Sedam talks with Deb Falzoi of Dignity Together about workplace bullying and workplace abuse.

This is an epidemic in organizations that can have a major impact on workplace experience. As a result, people can feel marginalized and isolated. Organizations can see a lack of productivity, an increase in health-related issues, and can even open themselves up to liability.

People are the most precious resource a company has, and understanding the issue of workplace bullying is the first step in improving the workplace and protecting employees.

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Dolores Hirschmann talks to Mike Sedam about the importance of clarity, people, and ideas.

In this episode, we talk about the boundaries set within our own minds. This makes us stay within our safety zone which doesn't help people meet external success. Getting beyond those "fences" helps us excel.

Big ideas can overwhelm us or seem too big to tackle, but when people commit to the idea, they can overcome internal boundaries. Nothing starts big, it starts with someone saying yes and consistently taking action.

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