Roger Nierenberg is a Maestro who uses the art of music and orchestras to teach leadership lessons.

The conversation he has with Mike Sedam covers many aspects of leadership and system-thinking using music and orchestras to explain concepts and show examples.

This is a fascinating conversation about how music can be used to accelerate the leadership learning process.

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I was extremely fortunate to present at a safety conference for a large oil refinery company. It was focused on Behavior Based Safety (BBS). My past experience with BBS (A long time ago) made me think it was focused on people as the problems and if we could fix what people were doing wrong, we could prevent incidents. It also used Heinrich's Triangle and said if we could prevent the little things, the big things wouldn't happen. This really tarnished my view of BBS. I am happy to say, my view of BBS is brighter now. Listen to see why.

Mike Sedam talks with Tracy Mehr-Muska about resilience based on her book, Weathering the Storm. Available from Amazon:

They discuss the seven P's of resilience, Tracy's use of stories from people in her own life, and how we can improve our capacity to be resilient.

Tracy has used her education, experience, and examples to drive home a positive message of resilience that can help people in every facet of life.

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Mike Sedam talks with Dr. Joelle Speed and Chief Dreaming Officer Amy Perkins.

They talk about business, life, and people.

Their story includes creating a network and collaborating because everyone can succeed.

They also talk about how people can live the dreams they have for their lives.

Their focus is on people and how strong we are together.

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In this episode, Mike Sedam talks with Sean Romero about how to deal with uncertainty using the OODA loop.

Learn about the importance of Observing, Orienting, Deciding, and Acting to get through uncertainty.

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Instagram: @faithfully_led

Facebook: faithfullyled.sean

Podcast: Faithfully Led Podcast on Anchor




Mike Sedam talks with Jeannette Peacock of Learn2LearnNow.

Jeanette talks about building the capacity to succeed through skills. Specifically, she helps children learn the skills they need to succeed in the future. Skillbuilding not only helps build capacity, but also shows us the importance of feedback to the process.

Jeanette is using the same processes from her business in a non-profit to help children that would not normally have access to such training.

In this episode you'll hear about capacity-building, how seeing ourselves in a new role can help us transform, and the importance of feedback loops.

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