Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is powerful.

People are programmed to lean toward the negative. Negative emotions cause us to think more and we process negative information more deeply than positive information. We just think deeper about the negative.

We're programmed this way because, as a species, negative events had a bigger impact and urgency than positive events.

Although we may be programmed to be negative, being positive and having gratitude has some significant returns.

Gratitude is linked to lower stress, less sick days, higher satisfaction, and a feeling that we can accomplish goals.

It is important in organizations, teams, and individuals.

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Carolyn Guglielmo is interviewed by Mike Sedam about the concept of "techno stress."

We all know the power devices have over people. Distracted driving is a big concern for many governments. Parents are worried about their kids spending too much time on devices. We can see ourselves being distracted and feeling stress because of constant connection and expectations we place on ourselves because of the devices.

Carolyn talks about the concept of techno stress in addition to giving some solutions.

To connect with Carolyn, visit her LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolyn-mccabe-guglielmo-ms-ryt-gsp-893b058/ or contact her via email: cgmccabe@gmail.com.

To connect with Mike about the podcast, speaking, or consulting , visit: www.crucialtalks.com


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