There is a difference between knowledge and information.

Knowledge is the key to success.

Information is the facts and data we can point to objectively and transfer easily.

We can see how information can be easily provided and transferred in training and meetings.  It's also what a lot of people are tired of in organizations.

Knowledge is different because it comes from experience and education. It isn't just information, it goes beyond information.

If we understand the concept that knowledge is information, but information is not knowledge, we can do what human beings love to do and what has made us so successful as a species:

We can learn.

We can understand.

We can predict.

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J Scott is interviewed by Mike Sedam about the importance of people.

The discussion revolves around how to actively listen, engage with people, and develop good solutions.

J Scott gives great advice on how to prepare as a leader and engage with curiosity, not a critical mindset.

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