Confidence is the key to having a better workplace experience. It is something you need to control and shouldn't be dependent on your boss or coworkers.

We are all human, which means we will all make mistakes.

We will frustrate other people, we will become frustrated ourselves.

If we don't have high confidence, we can end up hating where we work or just feeling bad at the place we spend a lot of our time.

The more we can control our own confidence, the better we will feel and perform.

In this episode, we talk about what confidence is: appreciating our own abilities and qualities that give us a feeling of self-assurance.

We also talk about how to build our confidence in two ways: Journaling and checklists.

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Mike interviews John Voris, the author of Discover the Power That Drives Your Personality. 

John discusses "Life Themes" which gives people structure and guidance in the decisions they make.

Life themes help people deal with stressors they have in life from the decisions they are making to the careers they choose or the organizations they work for.

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His book can be found on Amazon:


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