We are going through tough times.

We can't avoid them. We have to go through them.

In this episode we discuss four tools to be more resilient in the short-term using the acronym MIND:

M - Models

I - Identity

N - Now

D - Decision-making

You can reach out to Mike at www.crucialtalks.com


Ariel Garten talks to Mike about the fear of fear and gives tools to get out of our own way.

Ariel is a psychotherapist, neuroscientist, and entrepreneur having started a tech company called Muse.

In this episode, she talks about how fear can get in our way and is driven by parts of the brain that used to help keep us alive, but now may be barriers to our performance.

We get two tools to use that can help us deal with fear including a technique to recognize and move past fear, and tips on meditation that are proven to work.

For more about Ariel, visit www.arielgarten.com. Muse can be found on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2vOF9cr and more at their website: www.choosemuse.com

To connect with Mike, please visit www.crucialtalks.com.



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