Gary Salyer talks with Mike Sedam about personal and business relationships.

People that feel welcomed, worthy, cherished, and empowered will have more powerful relationships.

Gary uses a number of stories to help people understand what he has found beneficial to building relationships.

Gary is the author of the book Safe to Love Again. It is available on Amazon here:

Gary can also be reached at


Cynthia Zhai talks to Mike Sedam about how to use your voice to have influence.

Our voice is such an important part of our communication. The same words can have different meanings based on our tone, inflection, and how we use our voice.

By working on our voice, we can also change our mindset and our confidence.

In other words, we can work on our voice first, and other benefits will follow.

Cynthia talks to us about gravitas and techniques to build authority and confidence in our voice.

We discuss ways to present more effectively and also how to have one-on-one conversations.

Cynthia's book, Influence Through Voice, can be found on Amazon:

Cynthia also has some free resources available including:



Video Course:



 Mike Sedam speaks with Christian Harris a slip specialist from the UK. Christian's experience is not only in slips and falls, but also entrepreneurship and poker. This discussion goes way deeper than merely a talk about how slippery floors can lead to falls. This talk goes into the importance of story, how to change perceptions, and the need to engage with people at all level so fan organization to institute lasting change.

Christian is the managing director at Slip Safety Services,

There is also a free slip safety scorecard at:

To connect with Mike or to have him speak at your organization, please visit


Mike Sedam interviews Daren Martin about his book, A Company of Owners. The book is available here.

Mike and Daren talk about workplace experience, employee engagement, and how we can get there.

This is a positive, proactive, strength-focused conversation about improving our workplaces regardless of the industry we are in.

Visit Daren at:

Visit Mike at:


Many times people need information about how work is actually getting done. Inspectors, assessors, leaders, and peers may all want to see how a person or group of people get their work done. This can lead to valuable learning and improvement.

In order to ensure, our "backstage passes" are never revoked so that we get an unfiltered and open view of what is actually happening, we need two things: 1. trust and 2. accurate storytelling.

If we want to observe others and get accurate information, we need to make sure we uphold the trust placed upon us and we need to make sure we tell the story of what we observe with a high level of accuracy.

Visit to connect with Mike.

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