December 17, 2017

Crucial Talks Episode 10 Lightning Strikes Twice: Goals and Storytelling

In Episode 10 of the Crucial Talks Podcast we talk about lightning striking twice.  This title came form the interesting story of James Otis, who felt he would be killed by lightning, which he ultimately was.  He was struck by lightning two times in his life. We use the story about James Otis, a man John Adams credits with planting the seed of revolution in the American Colonies.  We also listen to part of a TED Talk by Nancy Duarte where she talks about stories and her outstanding work to determine a pattern followed in many of the greatest presentations ( We see that James Otis did the same thing that Nancy talks about.  He talked about what is and gave people a vision of what could be. 

In our example, lightning strikes once with goalsetting and again through storytelling.  These two lightning strikes help us draw people together and overcome differences.  By setting superordinate goals, we can help groups set aside their difference and work together.  The more superordinate goals we develop, the more we build collaborative capacity. For more information or to contact Mike Sedam, please visit 

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