December 31, 2017

Crucial Talks Episode 12 Eustress, I Stress, and We Stress. Social groups can build the capacity to deal with stress

Eustress is positive stress while distress is negative.  In many of our organizations and in our general lives, people look at stress as an individual phenomenon.  The reality is that stress is more impacted by groups and social belonging.  If we start looking at stress as a capacity that we can manage we can begin to develop positive ways to handle stress.  For example, with group belonging, what may be considered distress to an individual may actually turn into eustress when dealt with by a group.  In addition, if we build a group's capacity to deal with stress through positive in-group belonging and esteem, we also increase social bonds between members of that group.  In other words, it becomes a positive cycle where stronger group bonds lead to better stress management and better stress management leads to stronger group bonds.  For more information, please visit and make contact with me.  Thank you for listening.

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