March 18, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 23 Rocky vs. Thunderlips - Roles and Rules

The roles we play and the rules we think are guiding an interaction drive our behavior. In this episode, we talk about how roles, stereotypes, and rules guide what people do. We also get a chance to talk about how the groups people belong to impact how they experience life. At the micro level, we can see people, but as we back away, we see how individuals are merely the pieces that make up groups that are categorized so that we can make sense of situations we are in.

This episode is valuable to understanding how people interact in different situations and gives some tools people can use to help them understand others and analyze situations they are in.

As yourself:
1. Who is playing what role.
2. What stereotypes drive their behavior.
3. What game do they think they’re in?
4. Who is making the rules?
5. Who knows the rules?

Please visit to contact me. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the presentations I give to organizations about these topics, please contact me! Thank you for listening.

If we want to understand behavior, we need to understand what drives people...


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