October 30, 2017

Crucial Talks Episode 3 The Safety Jedi - Human Behavior Surrounds Everything

This episode is about human behavior.  It's like Yoda describing the force... it surrounds everything we do.  In this episode we talk a little about the old view and new view of safety.  We also talk a bit about scientific management.  This episode gives three key takeaways: 1. Realize that human behavior is part of everything we do.  2. Understand that human decision making is emotional, not technical. 3. Always consider context.  Most people want to do a good job and don't want something bad to happen.  Too many times when someone does something that results in a bad outcome, we treat that person like they were the problem.  The reality is, people are part of a larger system and we need to consider context if we want to have a positive impact.

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