May 6, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 30 Discipline Disrupts Discussion - Bueller, Bueller… Learning from Ferris and a Ferrari

Strong disciplinary programs exist in many workplaces today. It has been a part of our work cultures and is the "goto" framework in many organizations when someone does something wrong. Although we may have been taught to operate this way, discipline can hamper positive discussions that may actually help our organizations get better. If we focus purely on discipline, we are losing out on a tremendous amount of learning. Organizational learning is the key to honing and sharpening what we do. The majority of the human-based systems we work in are fairly stable because we may have reached the pinnacle of what technology and process improvements can do for us. The next phase is human improvement and that takes a framework that can positively impact the people in our systems. Ferris Bueller's discussion with Cameron about Cameron's father's Ferrari give us an opportunity to discuss the role of discipline and how we should try to avoid the pitfalls that come with strong disciplinary programs.

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