May 20, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 32 Emotionally Compromised or Emotionally Competent - Spock vs. Kirk

For a number of years, ever since the industrial revolution, people have been on a path where data and analysis was king. People believed that if they had the right data and the right analysis, then the decision would be obvious. However, emotion trumps data every day of the week. We make decisions based on what feels right. We are social, storytelling animals and emotions play a huge role in what we do.

The key takeaways we can gain from this are:

  1. If we understand the why and how of human decision-making, we can bring our systems to a place beyond the point data analysis, statistics, or policies can bring us.
  2. If we can figure out the social dynamics that are driving people’s decisions in our systems, we have a better chance to impact those decisions.

We looked at a battle between Spock and Kirk from the 2009 movie, Star Trek. Spock represents the belief that logic and data is king. Kirk shows us that understanding the power of emotion in human decision-making is something we all need.

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