June 17, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 36 People, Purpose, and Potential with Jeffrey Davidson

People are a company's biggest resource. Having the right people doing the right work maximizes potential. Jeffrey Davidson talks to us about people, about how teams are built, and what team members need to succeed.

One of the first things a leader needs to do is ask "What did I do well? What can I build upon? Where could I have done better?" This shows a vulnerability and builds a pattern of feedback that can:

1. Set an example and

2. Allow teams to learn

"As humans, we are social beings." We need to be able to learn to get better. We need to create chances to learn and build learning cultures.

Having trust and openness lets everyone learn from each other. Trust is one of the most important parts of a great team, not just their experience, age, or education.

"Everyone wakes up, looks in the mirror, and wants to do a good job today." They might make mistakes, but their intentions are good. If we can direct their intentions, we can get great results.

The secret to great teams is... Communication!


1. What's the meaning?

2. How do we design success?

Filter decisions and actions through those two things.

No matter what role you play, a shared goal can help people because it allows people to work toward success using their strengths. People will be able to ask themselves if what they are working on is in alignment with their greater goal.

We can also help our teams by providing feedback more regularly and personally with empathy. "Understand them and give them regular input."

There are seven questions people want to know in teams:

1. What's the purpose?

2. How do we know we're working on the right stuff?

3. When can we declare success?

4. How do we get stuff done? What are our tools and processes?

5. How do we work together?

6. How am I doing?

7. Is it real?

For more information from Jeffrey, please visit: www.greatteamsltd.com

He also has more information just for podcast listeners: www.greatteamsltd.com/more

To contact me with any questions, to have me speak to your organization, or for consulting opportunities, please feel free to reach out through www.crucialtalks.com

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