July 1, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 38 Name, Blame, & Shame Game - Intergroup Relationships

How we interact with others can have either a negative or positive impact on how we can get things done.

If we see others as out-group members that we do not share a common goal with, it can cause us to behave differently toward them. The same things apply to how people treat us. In this episode, I explain what happened to me in a meeting. 

When the meeting started I thought I was there to work with others in my organization to solve a problem. I was ready to take responsibility for a pretty large mistake. During the meeting, things shift to where the others in the room began to name me and blame me for the mistake. It even went to shaming me. At that point, I actually felt my entire thought process change. I transition from part of a shared group to an out-group member.

In this episode, we get to talk about how this can impact individuals, groups, and entire organizations. We discuss the second pillar of the Crucial Talks Podcast, and that is group relationships.

If you would like further information, please visit www.crucialtalks.com. I would love to connect with you or speak to your organization.


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