July 8, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 39 Appreciative Inquiry - People Positive: Lightbulbs and Lifeblood of Organizations

Appreciative Inquiry pursues changes to human systems with a focus on strengths. It is ultimately a method that takes a positive view of making change by focusing on people.

People are ultimately the greatest resource of any organization. 

In this episode, we get to talk about the search for the lifeblood of our organizations, of the systems we are all a part of. This strength-based search can lead to motivating, positive places to work, live, and play. It gets us out of a deficit-view of our systems where we only see problems to solve and leads us into a positive view where we see innovation and possibility. 

Would you rather have an organization that is thought of as a problem to be solved or would you rather have an organization that builds its capacity to fulfill its "why?"

Edison's development of the lightbulb, his connection to Henry Ford and Henry Ford hiring a consultant named Frederick Winslow Taylor leads us to understand why people have been treated as parts of a machine. We then get to see why a set of principles that looks at people as the seeds of strength that can be planted in our companies and communities can be a beneficial and positive way to build capacities in our systems.

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