July 15, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 40 Steve Sims on Imperfection is our Perfection - Trust, Relationships, and Positive Mindset

Imagine your list of getting things done. Have you been able to send people to see the Titanic, or figured out a way for clients to sing with their favorite band? How about closing down a famous museum for dinner in front of a famous sculpture while a world-renowned singer serenades the dinner party?

Steve Sims has done all that. However, important to us are the tips he can give us on a positive mindset, relationships, and trust.

Learn about his belief that business is personal.

Learn about being your "ugly self" and authenticity.

Hear all about the "chug test" and what this means to finding the right team members, allies, and clients.

Listen to Steve talk about the fact that there is no greater return on investment than investing in relationships.

Steve Sims is the founder of thebluefish.com, a luxury concierge service and is the author of Bluefishing, a book about success, relationships, and making things happen. Steve's book can be found on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Gm0GhH

Please visit www.stevedsims.com to see more about Steve and his book Bluefishing.

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