July 22, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 41 Maja Kazazic Positive Perspective and Relationships

In this episode, Mike Sedam is humbled to interview Maja Kazazic.

Maja Kazazic grew up in war-torn Bosnia. She lost her leg and many friends during an explosion. Maja then moved to the United States where she not only learned to walk again, but learned to run again. She also started a successful technology company and now takes the lessons she has learned throughout her life to help the rest of us.

Maja is the epitome of what is discussed on the Crucial Talks Podcast... having a positive view and what this can do for your future. She also explains the importance of community and of having strong relationships. 

As Maja says, "It is easy to stay positive when your life is going well." "What is really difficult is to stay positive during a time of crisis."

The key is perspective. "It's your perspective that makes the situation."

We all go through hard times and have to deal with challenges. In this episode, we get to see how challenges can be reformed into opportunities. 

We also get to see how relationships are essential to success.

Maja tells us how we can reprogram ourselves to start seeing things in a more positive way and this positive view helps us overcome difficult times in our lives.

If you would like to get in touch with Maja, please visit her at:


or at www.majaspeaks.com.

To contact me for any speaking opportunity or to reach out to say hello, please visit www.crucialtalks.com



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