August 5, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 43 Esther Weinberg on the Dignity Zone: Trust, Respect, and Safety in Life and the Workplace

In this episode, Mike Sedam interviews Esther Weinberg.

Esther Weinberg is a leader in redefining organizational culture. She has also written a leadership book called Become a Successful Leader: 57 Simple Strategies Any Leader Can Implement TODAY!. It can be found on Amazon:

In this episode, she talks about the role of dignity in workplaces and in our own lives.

Esther is the founder of MindLight Group, where she helps organizations understand and implement the Dignity Zone which consists of trust, respect, and safety.

Operating in the dignity zone helps engage, retain, and recruit employees.

What I absolutely love about Esther's approach is the focus on positive relationships and mentoring. Too many executives, managers, supervisors, team members, and consultants look for problems to solve. With Esther's approach, they can focus on the positive and plant seeds to grow organizational culture that is positive and creative.

To be creative people need to feel trust, respect, and safety in their workplace.

Esther goes in with the mindset that she is helping to BUILD CAPACITY. Building capacity is a major focus of the Crucial Talks Podcast because building capacity lets us look at strengths and where we want to be in the future.

Esther discusses mentoring, workplace bullying, and self-improvement. She does it from a positive lens and with a focus on building capacity.

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-Mike Sedam


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