August 12, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 44: Melissa Agnes on being Crisis Ready and Brand Invincibility

Host: Mike Sedam

Guest: Melissa Agnes

On Episode 44 of The Crucial Talks Podcast, we talk to Melissa Agnes on her book, Crisis Ready. Check here for her book on Amazon:

Melissa is awesome and talks to us about how our organization can build the capacity to deal with a crisis in a way that we can come out on the other side with increased trust and credibility.

This is more than being able to manage crisis, it's about being ready for crisis in a way that helps the day-to-day activities of the organization.

Melissa talks to us about why we need to put people first, the importance of communication, and how the lenses we wear to view our organization, the people in it, and the issues we deal with can impact our decisions.

Melissa can be reached at

If you would like to contact Mike Sedam, please visit


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