August 19, 2018

Crucial Talks Episode 45 Marques Ogden 3 Steps to Transformation and 3 Steps to Trust

Mike Sedam interviews Marques Ogden about self-transformation and trust on Episode 45 of the Crucial Talks Podcast.

Marques Ogden is a former NFL football player and author that speaks and consults about leadership and transformation. His book can be found on Amazon:

What is so great about Marques is that he is relatable. His story of overcoming hardships relates to all of us. He has been through hard times. He has lost an important loved one. He has had to build his business from the ground up.

Marques gives us three steps to transformation:

1. Identify your inner circle.

2. Set a clear vision.

3. Take action.

He explains this to us with a great story about his spilled milk moment where he decided to transform himself...and he did.

Marques also talks about trust and the three things a leader should do to build trust:

1. Competency.

2. Reliability.

3. Selflessness.

Reach Marques at: for speaking and consulting.

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