February 17, 2019

Crucial Talks Episode 71: Regina McMichael The Safety Training Ninja

Mike Sedam interviews Regina McMichael, The Saftey Training Ninja.

During the episode, Regina discusses how to create safety training that doesn't suck.

She talks about the need to have outstanding training so that we can have a positive impact.

She wrote the book, The Safety Training Ninja, to help safety professionals provide a more engaging level of training. Her book is available from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2V62UV0

Regina talks about how her journey started with a tragedy and how she learned she can have a broader impact by helping others as she provides training. She's touched the lives of tens of thousands of people through her work.

Regina and Mike also talk about the danger when organizations "weaponize" safety training, the importance of understanding if training is or is not necessary following a mishap, and the need to make safety training awesome.

Regina can be reached through the following sites:




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Please visit Mike at www.crucialtalks.com


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