Lawrence Henderson, the author of Bridging the Gap: Life, LOVE, and Leadership is interviewed by Mike Sedam about leadership and the value of people and relationships.

The book can be found on Amazon:

Mike and Lawrence discuss what connects people, the importance of "human" in human resources, and storytelling.

They also talk about how to reframe what we see in order to establish a mindset that can help us succeed.

During the episode, the concept of fear, how people are "pack animals" and the transition that happens when we think about others are all covered.

Lawrence can be reached at:

His website is:

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Mike Sedam interviews Regina McMichael, The Saftey Training Ninja.

During the episode, Regina discusses how to create safety training that doesn't suck.

She talks about the need to have outstanding training so that we can have a positive impact.

She wrote the book, The Safety Training Ninja, to help safety professionals provide a more engaging level of training. Her book is available from Amazon:

Regina talks about how her journey started with a tragedy and how she learned she can have a broader impact by helping others as she provides training. She's touched the lives of tens of thousands of people through her work.

Regina and Mike also talk about the danger when organizations "weaponize" safety training, the importance of understanding if training is or is not necessary following a mishap, and the need to make safety training awesome.

Regina can be reached through the following sites:

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In this episode, Mike Sedam talks to Carrie Wooten about improving the workplace experience.

We've all been there. We've worked in organizations with low trust. We've worked for bosses that only understand transactional leadership that looks a lot like bullying. We've been in groups where co-workers don't trust each other, don't communicate, and don't care.

In this episode, Carrie talks to us about the need for trust and communication so that we can have a better workplace experience. One that is vibrant, creative, and trusting.

We cover topics such as the need for self-awareness, how to leverage differences, communication between generations, perspective, the importance of the lenses we use to view our worlds, intrinsic motivation, strength in teams, self-fulfillment, and emotions to mention just a few of the important concepts.

Carrie has also written a book on self-awareness called: It Starts With Me: A Daily Practice to Mastering Self-Reflection. It is available on Amazon here:

You can find Carrie on most social media platforms, just search for @realcarriewooten.

Feel free to contact Mike Sedam for any speaking opportunities, consulting, coaching, or just to say hello at


Mike Sedam talks to Rob Howze about his great program called Campfit where he brings 50 kids together for eight weeks. Rob and his team provide these kids with a wonderful gift: the vision and capacity for success.

Rob has been shot (yes, with a bullet) and has worked as a personal trainer, minister, speaker, author, etc. He has done what a lot of us do as people. We take everything we have learned, extract the good parts, and learn from them.

Rob has taken his experience and continues to build a legacy that he can pass onto these kids to make the world a better place.

This conversation, not only gives us insight into the Campfit program, but the importance of the "why" and the "how" using relationships, vision, and a focus on bringing value. There are powerful lessons behind the "why" of Campfit and the "how" of networking.

Find out more about Rob at: and more about Campfit at

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